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Miscellaneous Features

Share a Twitter Feed

In Presenter by WorshipTools, there's a function that allows you to search Twitter for specific keywords and share some of those Tweets with your audience. It's a unique way to highlight what's going on in the world around us. As a church, you might use it to highlight the voices of a specific people group or global prayers regarding a specific topic such as racial justice, anti-human trafficking, or a recent natural disaster. For conferences and other events, you might use it to showcase what people are tweeting about your event to drive audience engagement.

To set this up, click More from the top toolbar in Presenter and select Twitter. It will ask you to create a new group - this will be a group for the specific topic/theme you'll be projecting. Once you make your group, type some keyboards into the search bar to find some relevant tweets. For example, maybe your ministry is hosting "ABC Conference" and is promoting on Twitter with the hashtag #abcconference. You can search "abconference" and pull some tweets that your attendees might be sharing about the conference. 

When you search, all the search results will load to the left. You can click on the ones you want to showcase to move them to the Approved list on the right. If you want to remove them from the Approved list, click on it from under that list. Once you're happy with your collection of approved tweets, you can click Show Feed at the bottom to start displaying those tweets on your main screen. They will show at the top of your audience screen so as not to disrupt whatever is being projected behind it.

You can create numerous groups for various topics. To visit a group that was previously created, click on the dropdown box and select it from the list. To delete a group, select it from the dropdown and click the red trash can icon.

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