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Where should I find the downloaded video in presenter?

August 24, 2023
I want to download the video I once downloaded on presenter, I don't have the source, right now.

Naod T.
Melekot Church.
Posted by Melekot
September 7, 2023
I haven't done this yet, but can you find the file in the cloud and download it from there? Versus from in Presenter?
Posted by Adrian
September 14, 2023
How you get this information varies slightly, depending on how you are viewing your media library.
If you are using the icon view of your library, as you move your mouse over the images, you see either three or four hotspots. If the file was loaded from a different computer, you will see four, one of which is a 'Download' arrow. If it was loaded from your computer, you will see three hotspots, one of which is the info button, which will then display the local path to the file.
If you are using the list view, select the 'Options' dropdown at the right-hand end of the row with the file , then select 'Preview/info'. Depending on whether it was loaded from your computer or a different one, it will offer either the local path where the video is stored or offer the option to download it.
Posted by Paul
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