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Alpha channel for livestreaming and in build NDI output

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Alpha channel for livestreaming and in build NDI output
Posted by Trinity
September 21, 2022
We have two computers running - the projection computer and the OBS/Streaming computer. And, I need to get both the Auditorium projector and LowerThirds window to the streaming computer.

In order to do this, I have NDI Screen Capture running, and that sends the Auditorium projector to the streaming computer. But, the 'Screen Capture' tool for NDI on Windows does not support capturing an application or a window (yet it does on a Mac!). So in order to get the Lower Thirds to OBS on the streaming computer, I have had to open an instance of OBS, use the window as a source and send that out via OBS with with NDI plugin. I am using OBS ONLY for sending the NDI output. It would be really great if I didn't have to do this and WorshipTools Presenter would integrate with NDI to send both a screen (projector) and a window (Lower Thirds) out to another computer.

Posted by Chris
October 13, 2022
plus 1. I just converted from EW but dont know if i can keep Presenter without a connection to NDI. The current workaround is clunky
Posted by Ender
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