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Song created from scratch in planning doesn't show in Music Stand

February 10, 2022

I don't seem to be able to see Lyrics we've added in Planning in Music Stand.

But if you add them in Chords - they will show up.

Posted by Tony
February 10, 2022
In Planning, the Lyrics tab correlates to lyrics slides in Presenter. The ChordPro editor will render the lyrics and/or chords to be used in Planning and Music Stand.
Posted by WorshipTools
February 11, 2022
- I've created a test song in Songs.
- Added song with a few lyrics as new Item in Service
- Looked at Music Stand and it says:
No formats available - on the drop down
and "No song attachments available" on the viewer

If I then go into Edit Song and Edit the Chords and Save
the Lyrics are bought in to the chord sheet and I can see them in Music Stand

I can then switch to Lyrics from the Dropdown
And Lyrics only (with 1 Col and 2 Col Chords are available.

Could the Lyrics automatically get saved in Chord Pro format (if there is not a Chord Sheet) without doing that loop?

Also - If I change lyrics in Planning, will they update in Presenter?


(And please could the support forum have Screen captures?)

Posted by Tony
February 11, 2022
As you mentioned, the feature is there but not automated (due to various technical and logistical reasons).

The most efficient workflow will be to Create Song, and add in the details and lyrics. After lyrics are in, go directly to the Chords tab and open the ChordPro editor. Let it import, close the editor, and save the song.

And yes, the Lyrics tab represents Presenter slides, so changes made on either app will sync in this space.
Please read the Lyrics and Chords sections on this page for more details:
Posted by WorshipTools
February 12, 2022
Thank you WE @user
Posted by Tony
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