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Powerpoint containing video

August 30, 2022
Just starting with Presenter, using a windows laptop with Powerpoint loaded. I wanted to use a ppt which included transitions and a video. Using the native presenter settings it could see all the slides but the transitions didn't work and the embedded video it could not play - it just showed an image. Asking it to open with Powerpoint meant it worked but the slides you could not see in advance/jump slides - you were only able to click to advance to next slide but could not see what was next. I ended up using the native system as allowed the person running the system to see the coming slides and jump slides if need be and added the video as a separate cue. Is there a better way around this? Seems very limited for ppt integration if this is the case (not able to natively do transitions nor play videos).
Posted by Jonathan
August 30, 2022
A couple workarounds - have the video in a cue of its own and turn off Auto Fire to switch back to the PowerPoint deck with no disruption:

Or upload your PPT to Google Slides and import it into Presenter as a Google Slide.
Posted by WorshipTools
August 31, 2022
Are there any plans for improving the powerpoint integration?
Posted by Jonathan
September 2, 2022
Jonathan, a couple of additional hints (based on problems I have had to deal with) that will make PowerPoint integration a bit smoother and more reliable.
First, make sure that you open the file in native PowerPoint to check a couple of things:-
* Make sure the video is embedded into file not linked to an external file. This will increase the file size but make the video run more smoothly.
* get the video to start automatically (possibly with a short delay), rather than needing a mouse click. It is always a problem if you have to start waving the cursor around the screen during the service to try and start the video!
* Clear any security settings, especially read-only flags, before you add it into your media database. This could stop the PowerPoints from displaying at all.
Then, make sure that the resolution and screen magnification of both your laptop screen and your projector are the same. Otherwise, you may find the PowerPoint display on the screen is slightly offset within the slide.
Posted by Paul
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