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Offline Feature for Music Stand!

January 10, 2024
It would be so amazing to have the ability to create offline “setlists” that do not need to be necessarily attached to an event/program from Planning. Many community worship leaders like myself are constantly asked to serve the community with leading a time of prayer/worship in more unofficial moments and at more impromptu times. Even if it’s just a community prayer night in someone’s living room. It would be great to be able to create sets offline, and even still use the device-connect feature offline (perhaps via Bluetooth), for the more low stakes times of worship that happen in communities.

This of course does open the realm to entire offline sets of functions and uses for Music Stand. Potentially also opening up the possibility for people to use Music Stand as a stand alone app without the Planning database/network. I also recognize that this would require the additional ability to download/host your entire music library into the device just like OnSong does. I think this would increase your market for Christian musicians/artists! But that’s just more my personal opinion, thanks for listening. 🙏

Posted by Alex
January 28, 2024
Hi - following the brief systems outage just now (28/1/2024) - I think it is vital that there is an offline function for Music Stand.
Posted by Wei Liang
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