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Scroll down through song pages
By: Andy Latest post: May 24, 2024
April 7, 2023
In addition to "1 Column" and "2 Columns" chart format options, can we please have a Scroll option? Preferably, the chart is presented on 1 page, in 1 column, that continuously scrolls downward to reveal the full chart, without turning pages. Flipping between pages of a song can be jarring, particularly with fast paced songs, you cannot see an upcoming song section until the page is turned.

When synced with Presenter or another music stand device, the chart should scroll down automatically, displaying the current song section in the centre/top where possible.

Other softwares which use ChordPro, like OnSong, have this feature and it works brilliant. Much better experience than turning pages.

Thank you!
Posted by Liam
April 7, 2023
This would also work around the issue some users have with inconvenient page breaks!
Posted by Liam
June 26, 2023
This feature would go a huge way to moving our team over to using Music Stand rather than alternative software
Posted by Andrew
July 31, 2023
Hey guys, just seeing if there's been any discussion around this idea?
Posted by Liam
October 15, 2023
This would be a great feature. Any news?
Posted by Liam
October 16, 2023
Great suggestion liam
Posted by Vincent
February 20, 2024
This would also work great for us!
Posted by Emanuel
February 26, 2024
I agree! Anything in the works?
Posted by Kim
April 4, 2024
really hoping this gets the green light. it seems like a pretty straightforward feature seeing as the chord pro is already being rendered to separate pages
Posted by Matthew
April 16, 2024
any official response on this?
Posted by Matthew
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