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timer to start service

May 2, 2019
Is there a timer that will detect the start time of the service and change our scrolling slides to a slide that will announce the beginning of the service? Like, our service starts at 8:30 a.m., but we have announcements scrolling for a half hour prior to the start of the service. We want it to detect when it's 8:30 and stop scrolling.
Posted by sandy
May 3, 2019
You can set a countdown to a specific time, but the countdown won't trigger any cue changes at completion.
Posted by Adam
May 20, 2019
How do you set a countdown timer? And what do you mean by it won't trigger any cue changes? Thanks.
Posted by sandy
May 20, 2019
You can learn how to set a countdown timer here:

A countdown will not fire any cues automatically, it just displays a countdown.
Posted by Adam
January 19, 2023
I have set a countdown timer to run over pre-worship slides. I can't seem to get the position to hold in the lower right corner. I also cannot get the font to change to black even when I choose it on the color chart. Is there a way to increase the font size?
Posted by Phillip
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