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Setting default text formats

February 8, 2021
Is there a way to set the default text format to something other than Tahoma as we prefer using Arial Regular for our text. It gets tedious to change every slide especially when doing cut and paste from other applications.
Posted by John
February 10, 2021
Yes, you can edit the default template to whatever font you would like to use. You can also create a new template.
Posted by Adam
March 30, 2023
Please explain how to accomplish that. Many thanks
Posted by Tina
March 30, 2023
Creating templates for songs and Scripture cues:
To create a template for Slides, design a slide how you want the template to look with some placeholder text. When you're done, right-click the thumbnail of that slide from the right slide deck and there will be an option to turn it into a template.
Posted by WorshipTools
April 10, 2023
While this works for starting new slides, if you add another text box to the slide, it reverts to the Presenter default of Tahoma. You then have the adjust the font, size and and outline & shadow settings to match what is already there. I find the easiest way is to duplicate one of the existing text boxes and then edit it as required.
It is also not possible to 'retrofit' a template onto a slide, as you can in PowerPoint, or even the Presenter songs.
It would be much better if you had an overall Presenter Option to define the default font and size, rather than having to put up with what has been programmed in.
Posted by Paul
May 31, 2023
I agree with Paul! It would be GREAT in future Presenter upgrades to include an option to change AND SAVE
Posted by Eric
May 31, 2023
(continued from previous post)...AND SAVE default font options -- including size, color, shadow, outline, etc. That would save a LOT of time and work (unnecessary work, IMHO).
Posted by Eric
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