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print from music stand

August 5, 2020
is there a way to print cord and lyric sheets from music stand
the perfect app but our pianist does not have a smart device and needs the cords printed. don't want to get everyone set up on something new as we really like Music stand. I believe the music stand by planning center has a print option
Posted by Heath
January 12, 2021
I would like this too. Not everyone has a tablet so being able to print from iOS would be excellent for printing sheet music or chord charts.
Posted by Nick
January 15, 2021
I agree. It could be enough to print it from the Worship Extreme Software. This has a printing feature. But I don't see or print the annotations I added to the sheets and can not see or print the sheet as seen on the tablet at all. I am confused about that.
Posted by Ralf
July 18, 2022
Oh no! I am shocked to discover that this new app that we have moved to does not have the ability to print! That is very bad news. Worse still that it’s been an issue for so long and no view of any improvement!? Please help guys - can you add this ability?
Posted by Rob
July 18, 2022
This feature has since been added to both Planning and Music Stand. Please look for the printer icon on the Rehearse page of Planning, and above the set list in Music Stand.
Posted by WorshipTools
October 9, 2022
My notes and annotations aren't printing. I have annotations checked in the printer to dialogue box but they aren't printing. Am I missing something?
Posted by Doug
October 12, 2022
Doug - got your email and checked out the screenshot. The setting you were looking at is a browser setting named "Annotations" and it's unrelated to Music Stand Annotations. Music Stand does not yet support printing with Annotations.
Posted by WorshipTools
November 14, 2022
WorshipTools, thank you so much for adding this feature!
Posted by Daniel
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