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Bigger text in Music Stand

February 13, 2021
Please add for Music Stand an option to set individual size for font and screen zoom.
We all have different devices with different sizes and screen resolutions.
In many cases the text is too small.
In portrait mode I have about 20% unused space on bottom of my display. I want to use this to get bigger text.
Currently it is possible to enlarge and move the text with double tapping and move and zoom with 2 fingers.
But I can not store this individual zoom level.
I suggest to show a + and - Symbol after double click to adjust the zoom .
Additionally I would like to set the font type and size. This should be a setting for each song and per user.
Please also support a page break like " ---- " which is common in other alternative apps.
Posted by Ralf
February 15, 2021
Hello forum members,

In times of showing lyrics and chords on screen printing view (to see sheet corners) seems to be less preferable.
I would like to use buttons for adjusting the font size, too if that is available in music stand.
Like Ralf said, a "Flow" function like in Onsong that customizes song parts shown onscreen might help manage font sizes.

Just my thoughts...

Greetings and God bless, Marius
Posted by Marius
February 15, 2021
Pagebreaks could be used automatically to enlarge the text "above" and below pagebreaks:
For example if I insert ---- for pagebreak after 8 lines the app could try to show these 8 lines as big as possible. The maximum font size should be a configurable parameter.
Posted by Ralf
May 4, 2022
Has there been any progress on this request? It says "in progress" but it's been over a year. Inquiring minds want to know!
Posted by Carl
May 7, 2022
Hi Carl, Yes, I still hope we'll get a better formatting at all. Additionally I would like to place the text according to the beats, e.g. to see if there is 1/4 or 1/2 length of a word. Currently i use space characters to get more space between words, but the result is not very predictable. Best greetings from Ralf
Posted by Ralf
August 12, 2022
to expand on this - customise the various component font types, sizes, colours and styles.

so, for example, change the lyrics font to a larger serif'd font (e.g. 'times'), and have the colour changed from black to say 'blue'. similarly, be able to change the font type, size and colour (e.g. to 'red', 18pt, sans serif, italic) for the chords in the chord charts.
Posted by harry
August 25, 2022
Another idea to throw in the hat: for those of us that attach PDFs, it would be great if non-standard-sized PDFs could make better use of screen real estate.

I tried making a PDF with a 9x16 ratio to see if I could max out the screen available on an iPhone, but it seemed to still cap out the PDF at the height of a standard page in the middle of the screen, which leaves ~1/2 of the screen unutilized. Incidentally, pinching to zoom while leading a song isn't an ideal solution. 😅
Posted by Travis
September 5, 2022
Good day
I am also inquiring how long it will take to make an option to resize the font. This will help in a huge way.
Posted by David
October 22, 2022
I think the ability to Zoom and Save the Zoom level which was a feature request was a good step forward but isn't suited to using multiple devices of different sizes ... you can adjust things to get them just right on your phone and then can't see things clearly from a laptop. So this would be much more helpful. I think the easiest way would be to get the ChordPro renderings to autoflow to the available screen area, with a minimum font size settable per device. That wouldn't give you lots of custom options for font styling, but it would make this very workable and usable by people on different devices...
Posted by David
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