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Lock Media to a Song Lyrics

August 12, 2020
Is there a way that I can "lock" a chosen media to a song lyric so that I don't have to choose media every time I create a new cue with that song? Every time I create a new cue I have to go through all my media and try to find background pics for each song. I find a perfect pic or video and select it. But if I create a new cue list, I have to start all over. Is there a way to make a song lyrics remember the last media chosen and default with that? It's my biggest gripe with WE.

Thank you!
Posted by Phillip
January 3, 2022
Same here. I came from MediaShout 6 (v4 and v5, too) and it too remembered the last media background I used on a lyric.

I've used tags on the backgrounds the help me find the background I previously used.
Posted by Darren
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