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Implementing Chord Charts on Stage Display

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Implementing Chord Charts on Stage Display using ChordPro.
Posted by David
February 13, 2022
It's an absolute must to have a stage screen that displays chords so musicians don't have to memorize/use an iPad. For such a simple feature, I'm curious why it's not already implemented.
Posted by Thomas
March 3, 2022
100% agreed Thomas. It is a definite must for Worship Extreme.
Posted by Kyle
March 5, 2022
I 2nd.. err 3rd this. If you're trying to compete with other presentation programs in this space, gotta have the fundamentals. Hopefully devs are responsive. Chords, Nashville #s, PDFs, and even things like side notes for band/pastor/speaker would be useful on stage display. I think what's available now is like.. a clock, and the lyrics that are already on the main display. Another item that would fit here is the ability to create slides that are separate, but linked (play at the same time on a different display). I believe it's possibly to do all these things, while still maintaining the beautiful simplicity of the program.

Anyway, cheers. Thanks for working hard.
Posted by Guest
March 5, 2022
Although, I see now this topic was created in 2018.. eesh.
Posted by Guest
July 16, 2022
Was this resolved, because we need this desperately
Posted by Kyle
August 28, 2023
When will this be possible?
Posted by Dustin
September 23, 2023
This is the main reason my church uses Proclaim over WorshipTools. It's an absolute must for me as a worship leader.

I help out at a different ministry that uses this software, and I really like it, but this one feature.
Posted by Jarred
October 30, 2023
Just started doing research today to find out if this was possible. I would love it if Worship tools could add this functionality to the stage display!
Posted by Brandon
February 25, 2024
Just thought I would add my own comment here. My church started using WorshipTools this year and adding chords to the stage display would be very helpful!
Posted by Matthew
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