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Default song font

October 9, 2020
Hi, I am very new to Worship Extreme, and am trying to train myself in its features. Our song font seems to be at a default of 56. But our songs appear better using 64. How do I change the default font size? Its been very tedious changing every song slide. Please help, I assume there is a simple solution, but I just can't seem to figure it out.
Many thanks, MaryAnne Stam
Posted by MaryAnne
October 10, 2020
Hi Mary Anne- You'll want to create a template. Click "Songs" at the top, then "Templates". Once you create a look you like, you can then assign that template to songs when editing the song using the "Template" dropdown.
Posted by Adam
March 8, 2022
Hey Adam, I have created a new template with a large font size due to our large screens (110). Unfortunately, I still have to go in and cut and paste lyrics because the words go beyond the slide. I was hoping it would automatically adjust the song lyrics to fit the screen. Am I missing something here?
Posted by Rob
March 9, 2022
You will need to decrease the template's font size, as fonts do not auto-size on Lyrics cues. That feature is only applicable to the Scripture cues.
Posted by WorshipTools
November 21, 2022
I would like to use CMG-Sans as the font for all songs. I'd rather not create a template for this, but I'd just like to change the default font so that I don't have to select a template each time we add a song.

Any tips on how to do this?
Posted by Randy
November 21, 2022
Actually, I just found the place where I can set the default song template. It appears to be set when you add the song to the cue list.
Posted by Randy
November 30, 2022
Setting the Template does not just set the font and size.
We overlay the lyrics onto a video stream from the camera, using a green screen. In our standard template, as well as the font (CM-Sans, same as you) with our preferred font size, I have created a light grey background box that goes behind the words so that they stand out a bit more clearly against the video (our congregation prefers the words at the top of the screen). I have also added an outline and a shadow for the text, which again enhances the clarity of the words.
I have also created a template, that is used when we are not streaming services, which is simply large text against a black background.
You can make your preferred font the default, so that any song you add to your service will have that template setting how it appears on the screen.
Posted by Paul
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