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Song order

July 13, 2021
I would love to be able to have a field to list out the order of the song, potentially tied into a specific leader (ex. John's arrangement) then add Verse 1, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, etc. that prints out.
Posted by Mike
July 13, 2021
Hi Mike!

There is a way to accomplish this right now but not in the exact way you're requesting. So, I'll leave this request "Under Consideration."

You'll need to import or create a duplicate version of the song. For example, if you already have "I Surrender All" in your library, you can still "Import Duplicate" from SongSelect. You can do this in any of the three apps. Then, edit the title of the duplicate song file and add "- John's ver." or however you want to differentiate it.

This would make your library bigger, though. Especially if you have multiple versions for numerous different worship leaders.
Posted by WorshipTools
July 27, 2021
I would love it if we can modify a song order. Often for a specific Sunday a song will be sung that we only use v1 and a C, in Presenter this is easy enough to do as a custom order capability is there, however it would be great if the worship leaders could do this from Planning or even Music Stand. That way the presenter operator will have the order for the Sunday already laid out.
Posted by Selwyn
July 27, 2021
Hi Selwyn,

You can actually customize the arrangement in Planning, but this will become your default arrangement, in effect every time you schedule that song. This is opposed to the cue list order function on Presenter where you can rearrange a song for a specific cue list and it won't affect the next time you use that song.
Check out the "Lyrics" section and the image here:
Posted by WorshipTools
July 28, 2021
Thats pretty neat, thanks for posting the link. It will help as a short term solution for us. However would it be possible,, as a feature request, to integrate this feature the was Presenter does it where it can be customizes for that cue only and not the default song? Fortunately its easy to reset, however often its volunteers that work with the system and don't know it as well.
Posted by Selwyn
April 24, 2022
This really, really needs to be more than just a nice to have consideration.

Practically every other Song Sequencing program I have used has this facility. It is incredibly wasteful of data resources and time to create multiple copies of songs to have the exact same song saved multiple times just to get a different presentation order or arrangement.

All you need is an arrangement table linked via CCLI# to the text of the song.
ArrName, CCLI#, Duration, Key, Seq,
9:30am, 7127647, 4:00, Cm, Verse1|Chorus|Verse2|Chorus|Verse3|Verse4|Chorus|Chorus
6PM, 7127647, 5:00, Am, Verse1|Chorus|Verse2|Chorus|Interlude|Verse3|Chorus|Verse4|Chorus|Verse1|Chorus|Chorus

I would also anticipate that Verse1, Chorus1, Pre-Chorus, Intro, MusicalInterlude, Tag, Outro etc would be tokenised like
V[n], C[n], P[n], I[n], M[n], T[n], O[n], where [n] indicates an optional numerical value.

So the first arrangement above could be stored with a maximum of 43 bytes especially if your underlying data engine consists of linked SQL Db.
Posted by Martin
October 1, 2022
I second this need for multiple arrangements of a song. Fair enough if it is significant enough difference to warrant different copyright details. But sometimes there are simple chord changes or order changes that produce multiple versions (e.g. I've just been trying to add an alternate "I Love You Lord" - have you ever looked at how many variations there are of this simple song?!?)

As a former Planning Center user, I am used to being able to associate different arrangements of a song together without having to create multiple instances of the entire song. That is a useful feature for sure.
Posted by David
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