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Music Stand: midi support to be able to turn pages

October 11, 2020
Have the original BlueBoard and want to use it to be able to turn pages via midi/bluetooth
Posted by William
October 15, 2020
Turning pages via bluetooth is supported in Music Stand.
Posted by Adam
October 15, 2020
Awesome! I can't find out how to do it. Is there a how to?
Posted by William
October 15, 2020
Connect your bluetooth device, then press the advance button/key on it, that should will the page.
Posted by Adam
October 24, 2022
To resurrect this from 2 years ago.... What are the actual MIDI messages that control next/previous page? I don't use a blueboard and cant find any documentation on the actual MIDI messages that it sens from advance (and i assume previous). Any help appreciated!
Posted by Mark
March 7, 2023
MusicStand works with key press events, e.g. "Page Up" will go back a page, "Page Down" will go forward a page, so any Bluetooth Page Turner will trigger a page change (e.g. AirTurn, iRig...)

However, I don't see any direct MIDI support for this in Music Stand yet.
With a laptop, you _could_ use the web version of MusicStand with an app that can convert MIDI into keypresses (e.g. or or Keyboard Maestro), but I haven't seen an equivalent on iOS/Android.
Posted by Richard
July 9, 2023
I'd also love this feature on iOS. I use a Donner Page Turner which is Bluetooth but it just disconnects far too often. It also has to be charged which is annoying - there are far too many other things to have to charge in my house!

I've previously used midi and it just works. Please introduce this feature.
Posted by Andrew
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