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Cue Duplication to another cue list

December 19, 2018
How can I move a YouTube video cue from one cue list to another?
Posted by Tim
December 19, 2018
When you create a new cue list, you have the option to copy an existing cue list.  Copying individual cues from list to list isn't an option at this time.
Posted by Adam
January 2, 2019
It would be most helpful to have the option to copy and paste a song from a previous cue list, to a new cue list.  Or to be able to save all your edits in the songs list itself.  Would love it if you could create something like this soon as it can be a lot of work editing (especially when we're new to the program :-) ) a song only to have to do it all again next time it is sung.  Thanks for your consideration.
Posted by Carol
January 3, 2019
All data related to a song is saved in the song record.  Next time that same song is added to a cue list, the lyrics, slides, formatting, order, etc will be the same.
Posted by Adam
January 7, 2022
Has there been any progress in having the ability to copy a cue from one cue list to another?
Posted by Randy
January 7, 2022
Randy - yes, but it has to be done in Planning, not Presenter
Posted by WorshipTools
July 28, 2022
I would like to add to the request to have the ability to copy a cue to another cue list. Or better yet, be able to save a cue as a "cue preset". I have a cue with a moving background, lyrics, and audio, but since I can't copy it I have to rebuilt it every time I need it. It would be nice to just save it so I could add it to a list at any time.
Posted by Grant
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