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After Creating my own songs they dont download on Music Stand

August 25, 2021
When I add a song that I created on a set list in music Stand
it says " an error occurred while downloading song content "
Posted by George
August 26, 2021
Did you add a pdf or ChordPro to this song?
Posted by Adam
September 17, 2021
I'm having the same issue with adding ChordPro to my songs. PDFs work but I need it to be ChordPro so we can transpose. I can see the song correctly formatted when I click Preview, but when I click Save, an alert pops up saying 'Please enter a valid key'. I feel confident of the file formatting, we've used it before in other apps.
Posted by Sam
September 17, 2021
Hi Sam. Can you check and make sure that your tags at the top match with what's shown here:
It sounds like it doesn't like what you've entered under the Key tag.
If you don't think that's it, send us a screenshot of your ChordPro along with the ChordPro text so that we can take a look. You can send those to [email protected]
Posted by WorshipTools
September 20, 2021
I seem to have problem solved, thanks for the link that was helpful.
Posted by Sam
May 5, 2022
If you don't mind me asking, but how did you solve this problem Sam?
Posted by Rodney
May 5, 2022
Rodney, this is usually caused by a formatting error in your ChordPro file. Please review your ChordPro against the screenshots in our ChordPro support documents. Make sure to review the song details at the top, your tag and chord formatting, etc. If you cannot find an error or believe that something else may be the cause, email us at [email protected] with the title of a song you see this issue on, as well as a screenshot of its ChordPro.
Posted by WorshipTools
May 28, 2022
I ran into the same error message today: "An error occurred while downloading the song content." It was resolved by adding a Key tag (which I hadn't originally included in the ChordPro). e.g. {key: G}. As soon as I added that line and saved the change, MusicStand loaded properly from the ChordPro.
Posted by Thomas
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