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Import English version New King James and NIV

April 7, 2021
Is there a simple way to import the English versions of New King James and NIV into Worship Extreme or can they be included in the original package as they are sometimes the most used by pastors in churches? I tried to follow the instructions suggested in the support forum to import these versions, but some of the links provided are no longer available. Also, some downloads do not open or are not supported. Please help with this issue. Thanks
Posted by Full Gospel
April 8, 2021
The NIV can be purchased directly from Worship Extreme. You can add it to your account at
Posted by Adam
May 5, 2022
NKJV (1982) is now available in Presenter. Go to your Account page from our website (top right corner) and find it under "Bibles and Add-ons."
Posted by WorshipTools
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