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Unable to change to lower thirds template

August 29, 2021
I have been unable to change the style of the scriptures. Unable to change to lower-thirds for several months.
Posted by Brooke
August 30, 2021
Hi Brooke,

Is the Lower Third option working for songs? And just not for Scriptures?

If you click on the pencil icon next to the template, it will allow you to edit the template. When you're in the editing screen, are the template settings set to be a lower third? I'm wondering if someone from the team accidentally edited the template so it's centered, or something else, but still called "Lower Third."

Also, which Bible translation are you using when this happens? Could you try it on other translations and let me know whether it doesn't work on those either?
Posted by WorshipTools
June 12, 2022
Hello I believe I have the same challenge. Looks like someone deleted the lower thirds template all together. Is there a fix or do I have to just reinstall the program?
Posted by Jonathan
June 13, 2022
You can recreate the template manually:
Posted by WorshipTools
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