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OBS integration

August 4, 2021
To avoid frightening off our presenter team members at we start to live stream our services I would like to automatically control OBS scene selection from inside Presenter. E.g When a cue is started from Presenter switch to a given OBS scene (screen capture of Presenter output). Then switch to another scene (camera) when the cue ends or have a blank "Camera" cue to do this. This would allow users to remain in the Presenter UI that they know and love and not have to worry about remembering to switch scenes in OBS.
Is there a Presenter customisation API that would allow me to use the extensive OBS customisation capabilities to achieve this?
Posted by Sean
August 13, 2022
This would be extremely helpful to us as well. Just a month or two ago ProPresenter added something very similar, an official local HTTP API that allows you to send commands and also query information about the currently visible slide. Adding something like this, even much simpler than ProPresenter's version, would make WorshipTools much more viable for us.
Posted by Stephen
August 30, 2022
Just spotted this. We had a similar ask and manged to solve the problem using Pixel Match Switcher (its an OBS complete customisation) which will switch scenes based on Sliudes we have in presenter.

This is how it works.
We have a main screen in the hall and we have a livestream.
Everything is in Presenter, countdown, lyrics, scripture, notices etc etc.
Pixel match switcher is setup to look out for a grey blob in the corner of the presented main screen.
if it find it then it takes the lyrics and puts them onto lower third of the video (OBS scene) They are also shown on the main screen This switch happens automatically
if we have a black screen without the blob then it switches to full screen video and we get a blank main screen
if we have anything else then it displays full screen in the stream as well as being full screen on the main screen.

This all happens automatically but you need to get your grey blobs and black screen in the right place.

Pixel Match Switcher is a branch off of OBS and sometimes does not support some of the other addons that OBS does so that is a down side depending on how fancy you are trying to be.
If you want some more details then let me know
Posted by Kenny
September 2, 2022
That's really sneaky @Kenny!

We use an ATEM Mini Switcher - I wonder if anyone has some something clever with MIDI controls there. Would be really nice to not to have to switch both.
I guess the other way is that we take the Video camera feed into Presenter and the whole lot out to the ATEM for streaming.
Posted by Tony
September 2, 2022
We still have to switch our cameras manually but its not that complex. We use a couple of Mevo cameras and have phone to do the switching. its the only manual bit we have to do. Maybe some day when we get bigger and get our own building then we will look at something more complex.

There is however no reason why the PMS software could not do the switching if we had 2 feeds coming in. Our issue is we have one feed and it is switched before it gets to us.

But you have just given me an idea which I might try
Posted by Kenny
October 2, 2023
Hi Kenny
We are a small church in Toronto looking to automate our OBS scene switching. Can you please advise on how to do this, starting with where/how to download Pixel Match Switcher? Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks.
[email protected]
Posted by Linda
October 2, 2023
Hi Linda, things have moved on a bit over the last year or so. We have moved away from PMS because there were just not enough updates and the base OBS moved on a few levels and PMS didn't.
We have moved to a stream deck which gives us a bit more flexibility and as the team got a bit bigger we can have someone do that. Sorry it doesn't answer you question fully but we have not really looked back after an initial couple of weeks getting used to the new way of doing stuff

Posted by Kenny
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