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How to just view a song in Music Stand - without it being part of a set list

July 13, 2021
I'm loving your software. One thing I can't seem to work out though is how to just view a chord chart for a random song if I just want to play/practice a song at home - ie. not part of a worship service coming up, or part of a formal rehearsal with others.

I just want to view the Chordpro chart that I have previously entered. The only way seems to be to select the song, edit the song as chordpro, and then click on 'Preview'.

Is that the only way to do it? I'm probably just missing an obvious button somewhere?

I don't want to create a set list, and it's not part of a worship service that needs to be reported to ccli. Sorry if it is a silly question.
Posted by Paul
May 12, 2023
This is such a basic requirement. As a worship leader, I often flick through my song book, either digital or physical, reading lyrics, etc. Setlist Helper allows a single swipe to flick through PDFs like a book, what a novel idea. The lack of this essential feature is a deal-breaker for me, and I suspect many others.
Posted by Michael
May 23, 2023
It sounds like you would like the Song database in ‘Planning’ to do something similar to OnSong. When OnSong opens, the first thing you see is the chord chart of a song, then you can swipe through the songs in alphabetical order. If you searched for songs containing a particular tag, word or phrase, you only are swiping through that narrowed down list. Or if you are in a ‘book’ or ‘key’ list you have the same ability to swipe through the charts for all songs in that list.

The closest option right now is to us the Planning app, then select 🎵 Songs, once you open a song, select the ‘Chords’ tab, then to view another song, select ‘Back to Songs’ (in the top left corner).
Posted by Gail
May 31, 2023
I want to tag onto this. It's not uncommon for us to go for quite some time past the published song list. Especially in our "soaking prayer" times, I would need to be able to just hit a tab like "Songs" and have a complete list of all the songs right there. It's a regular occurrence that I am singing, and switching over to a different song. In Planning Center, I can just hit "Songs", scroll down to the song, pick the key, and then keep going.

I really need this capability to just have the entirety of the library sitting in a "bucket" of sorts, and I can pull any song out at any time.
Posted by Jerald
May 31, 2023
So here's a dirty hack that works.

Create you a service at some far off distant day in the future, and go through the painful process of adding every single song into it. Then, you can just pick the set, and pick whatever song you want. There is a slight hitch" while it downloads and formats, but other than that, it seems to work.

AND JUST FOR THE WT PEOPLE VIEWING: THIS ***STINKS***. It should be a feature, and not a dirty hack. :)
Posted by Jerald
May 31, 2023
I bought a full copy of Setlist Helper for AUD 22.99. It's not perfect, but it gets the basics right. It doesn't have SongSelect integration, but I mainly use PDF chord charts anyway.

Another thing is, a swipe up in Setlist Helper scrolls through the current PDF, and swipe left/right flips to the next/previous song. Scrolling up doesn't force you to do a complete page, it allows you to view the bottom of one page (where a chorus might be), and the top of the next page (verse two or the bridge) at the same time.
Posted by Michael
September 6, 2023
This feature is now available. Please update to the latest version of Music Stand.

You can access your Song Library by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of your Music Stand homepage.
Posted by WorshipTools
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