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Deleting past services

September 2, 2021
Just a simple question--maybe I'm not seeing the obvious answer, but is there a way to delete old/past service song lists? Thank you!
Posted by Matthew
September 3, 2021
When you click "See All Services," it should pop open a window where you can toggle between upcoming and past services. swipe right on the service you want to delete.

I would recommend you don't delete past services, as you may need to reference them for license reporting purposes. Also, with the new Planning tool, it would provide records of who served when. But if you delete a song list from Music Stand, it will also delete the respective Cue List from Presenter and Service from Planning.
Posted by WorshipTools
June 1, 2023
Where do I find "See All Services"? I can't seem to find it. Thank you :)
Posted by Swanton Christian
June 1, 2023
On your Music Stand home screen, click "See All" under "Upcoming Services"
Posted by WorshipTools
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