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Fonts get lost between PowerPoint and Presenter

February 26, 2024
Hi and thanks for your help.

I'm the pastor in a small church and have started using Presenter a few months ago even though I joined a year ogo.

We are using the free version. Windows 10 on the PC in the church.
I use Windows 11 PC.

After doing the slides in PowerPoint 365 I save it as a PowerPointfile. filename.pptx

I then open Presenter and ad a new item, choose PP, import the file, select it and launch using Presenter. My fonts are not used. When I launch and choose to use PP, the fonts show.
All the fonts I use are installed on my PC.

Please advise if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help & advice.

Posted by Deon
February 28, 2024
Hi Deon. It sounds like there might be an issue with PowerPoint rendering the font. To check this, open the file in PowerPoint and see if the fonts are getting lost there too. As long as the fonts are installed on both computers, there shouldn't be an issue as far as Presenter is concerned. If the issue persists, please email [email protected]
Posted by WorshipTools
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