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Ability to change keys for Bb and Eb instruments

October 26, 2021
I read where you are working on adding vocal sheets to Music Stand. I am hopeful this will include the ability for the instrumentalist to be able to change the key. We have Bb and Eb instruments in addition to C instruments. So, I don't want to have to download and then upload the Eb and Bb keys to Planning so everyone has access to the music in the key they need. Thanks so much for all you do to try to enhance worship!
Posted by Sandra
December 15, 2023
Hi, I'm just a user not part of the Worship Tools team or anything, but we had the same trouble initially. We have an alto sax (Eb instrument) and the way we do it is we have him Capo 3 on his Ipad. The capo feature only affects his music and lets him view it in the key he would be playing on his sax. You would have to mess around with the capos to see what works for Eb and C instruments, but same process should apply. (Side note: the capo feature does not work on songs loaded in from Praise Charts so you have to essentially write out the code for it then In the Edit ChordPro section)
Posted by Connor
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