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Scheduling Matrix – view more weeks

August 25, 2022
I would love a way to see significantly more services at a time when zooming out in the scheduling matrix via a web browser. At least 8, if not 12, would be really helpful.

I'm new to WorshipTools. I've used spreadsheets for many years to plan our team's schedule, and one of the things that has been so helpful is being able to quickly zoom out to see an entire quarter (3 months) of multiple different service options at once. With WorshipTools, I only seem to be able to see 4 services at a time at most, which when I have some team members overlapping between multiple service types means I can only be able see 2 weeks' worth of services at once. It feels claustrophobic and has me reaching back for my spreadsheet to actually come up with the plan for our team's schedule and then needing to transfer the schedule over to WT– which is precisely the redundancy I was hoping to avoid by integrating WT into our workflow. Thanks!
Posted by Travis
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