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Presenter Remote iOS loses connection on app switching

March 26, 2023
The iOS remote app on multiple devices will lose the internet connection when switching to a different app and back. This isn’t an internet issue, because Presenter Remote is the only internet-dependent app (Behringer mixer, Keynote in remote mode) we’re using that is losing the connection. Even when the remote app responds again after app-switching, the red connection-issues warning still displays at the bottom of the app.

Usually, we can keep going with Presenter after the remote app reconnects, but often (yesterday) it causes Presenter to lock up. Quitting and relaunching the Presenter app resolves the freeze.

We have multiple tablets for various team members, but having to dedicate another tablet just to the Presenter Remote app is difficult for our small team.

This is still happening after the upgrade to the new Presenter 2023.1.5 (Windows and MacOS).
Posted by Jeff
April 22, 2023
This seems to have been fixed with 2023.1.7.
Posted by Jeff
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