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Slide Animations In Powerpoint

October 26, 2023
Does anyone know how to insert a PowerPoint into Presenter so that the Slide Animations in PowerPoint will still run ?
Posted by Gerwyn
November 3, 2023
When you add a PowerPoint file to the Presenter Media library, it makes a jpg of each slide. So there are no animations, slides transitions or videos. Fortunately, there is a simple work-around - you just have to change one parameter when you add the PowerPoint to the order of service.
When you choose the presentation to add to the service, there is an option 'View Presentation with:' The default is Presenter, but you can select Microsoft PowerPoint (Windows only). This option is roughly in the middle of the screen
If you select that option, when you reach the PowerPoint in your cue list, PowerPoint will open in the background and display the slides as it would in native PowerPoint. But it is controlled from within Presenter.
Unfortunately, I cannot find any mention of this in the documentation or video tutorials, but it is fairly obvious once you know to look for it.
Posted by Paul
November 4, 2023
Thank you so much Paul that is really helpful
Posted by Gerwyn
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