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How to manage key for instrument that is not in Concert C?

October 13, 2023
I’m new to Music Stand and I only have basic view-only access through my church music group.

I play the alto saxophone which is in E-flat, not in concert pitch. This means that the sheet music that is made available to me in Music Stand by the group is always in the wrong key for my instrument.

The “Key” option to change key (per-song) is not available because I only have view access (and my understanding is that this option would change the key for everybody, which is obviously not correct for this situation). It has been suggested to me that I can use the “Capo” option (set to “3” in my case) to change the key for only me. However, I have to do this manually for every single song AND if the group decides to change the key (for everyone) for a song then I need to do it again for that song.

This works and is OK but it is a rather clumsy way to operate when I just want a consistent key variation for every song. Is there any way to configure Music Stand so that it always uses the correct key for my E-flat instrument, no matter what song or what key the group selects?

I assume that this should be possible, but I can’t find any setting for it.
Posted by Nik
October 21, 2023
I guess that the lack of response means that this is not possible?

In that case, if any developers, etc, read these forums, please consider this a a feature request.

Ie, have a setting in Music Stand which will automatically transpose EVERY song to suit the non-concert-pitch instrument’s interval from concert pitch. So when a song is in G (concert pitch), then for me (for my E-flat saxophone) it will automatically be shown in E).
Posted by Nik
February 3, 2024
Hi Nic. This is a real bug-bear for me also. I can change the key, but this changes it also for everyone else also,.... resulting in chaos. My far-from-perfect solution is to change the key for my tenor sax, print that off, then change it back to the original key so I don't mess it up for everyone else. I then scan my printout as a PDF and import that into my Ipad. ..... tedious.

App Management: PLEASE rectify this problem!!!
Posted by Richard
March 24, 2024
As a bass guitar player, I don't usually want to capo when the six-string guitars do. I have Editor privileges but when I change the key on my music, it still changes it for everyone. I tried adding an additional song to Charts, which also adds that song to the Service run-down. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Posted by Brad
March 25, 2024
Which links to a Key Change / Modulation (Music Stand) -

Sometimes we get thrown a key change - how about a key alteration for a verse? (Or I'd need to go in and edit the chord-pro chart)
Posted by Tony
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