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Temporarily Pause Auto Advance

January 22, 2022
Is there a way to temporarily pause auto advance if you want to stop on a slide that is set up to auto advance? This would be a nice feature to have a pause/resume auto advance option.
Posted by Bonnie
September 9, 2022
Posted by Martin
October 2, 2022
Agreed. Just started using Presenter and would love this feature. We have pre-service announcements that scroll using auto advance. But when the service starts, it'd be nice to pause while the presenter talks about specific slides.
Posted by Tim
October 14, 2022
There is a good working solution to this.
First, ensure that autoadvance is not built into the Powerpoint. In PP (I am using PP 365), you can check this by going to the Slide Show menu, then select Set up Slide Show. There is an option, on the pop-up panel, to set-up slide show to advance manually or use timings. Make sure that 'manually' is selected. Do this before you add the PP to the Presenter media library.
Then in Presenter, add the slide show twice into the Cue. For the first instance, in the Edit Cue panel, use the Auto Advance settings to 'Go to the next slide' after a suitable delay (I use either 10 or 15 seconds, depending on how wordy the slides are). Then set 'When Complete' to go back to the first slide.
In the second instance, make sure that 'Go to next slide after' is set to 'disabled'.
During the service, just let the first instance run as long as necessary. When the speaker stands up, switch to the second instance and manually move to whichever slide is being talked about.
Posted by Paul
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