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Live Stream lyrics

May 30, 2022
We are currently using Presenter and have incorporated it into our live stream using OBS. We run OBS on a computer upstairs and Presenter on a computer in the main hall.

We have been using NDI to send the lyrics to the computer upstairs however it looks very pixelated and not good quality. Do you have any suggestion as to how we can improve this?
Posted by ej
June 28, 2022
Depending on how far the computers are apart from each other, the qualitywise best solution would probably be to run a cable (HDMI or SDI) between the Computers and use a capture card on the OBS-PC.
If you don't have your computers connected to the network via a cable this would probably help a lot. It also would be cheaper than running a dedicated video cable and buying a capture card.
Posted by Josia
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