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live video feed on audience display

September 26, 2022
I'm wondering if it's possible to show the live video fee on the audience display for parts of the service (for instance, we would like for the audience to be able to see the children's time, but they usually sit on the floor, so most people cannot.) Is it possible to easily bring in the video feed for just this portion of the service, then switch back to our slide backgrounds, etc?
(We use OBS with NDI cameras for our livestream, so there is live video available...)
Posted by Pam
September 29, 2022
You can create a new cue with the background set to Video Feed. I'm not sure if it will recognize cameras that are not directly connected to the computer running Presenter but it's worth trying.
Posted by WorshipTools
October 17, 2022
There is an NDI virtual cam download which woudl let you run an NDI input as a virtual webcam.
Posted by Allan
October 17, 2022
Thank you! Was able to set up the virtual camera in OBS as the video feed for the cue. I appreciate your help!
Posted by Pam
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