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Streamdeck foot pedal with Worship Tools

October 28, 2022
Hi Team

Is Elgato foot pedal compatible with Presenter? I'm considering getting one. Just wanted to check before I purchase.

Thank you so much.

Posted by Binila
October 31, 2022
Hi Binita, we aren't familiar with this pedal so it's hard for us to say yes or no. If the pedal works like a keyboard (can be programmed to act as certain keys), then yes, it will work with Presenter. If you haven't already, I would ask our Facebook User Group if anyone uses this specific pedal and see what they say.
Posted by WorshipTools
October 31, 2022
Thank you for your response. Yes, the Elgato streamdeck pedal can be configured. I just wasn't sure how to do this in Presenter.

I don't have a facebook account. I'll look through your guides.

Much appreciate your help. Thanks
Posted by Binila
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