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Being able to change the background videos in the middle of a song.

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November 7, 2023
I've been using Presenter for a few weeks and I've been having a great expirience for the needs of my church. I'm very thankful.

There is just one feature I'd love to request. There are songs around 130 bpm where the intro or the fisrt verse is kind of chill, but the chorus or instrumentals in the middle and the end of the song are louder, more exciting, and cool for jumping. That's why I'd like be able to change the background video in the middle of the song or assign background videos from the media to specific slides of the lyrics, like cues to preset for the chorus or instrumentals. I'd love to have that feature prepare a service and show different background videos in the middle of a song.

I hope you can think about that feature and read this request.
Thank you so much.
Posted by Dan
January 14, 2024
This would be amazing, I like having the flexibility to adapt the background to the song being played!
Posted by Jeremiah
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