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THANKS, BUT... Full functionality for songs in Music Stand?

September 11, 2023

1) - Is there any PLAN to add functionality such as to "Print" a song or "Add-To-Service" a song directly from the Music Stand app?

I want to know because it's pretty much a deal-breaker for myself in deciding on Music Stand or another app for our team. (We're not using digital charts yet, have tablets waiting & ready).

Thanks to the recent update - since users now have the ability to access our entire song library IN Music Stand, functionality such as Print and Add-to-Service would very much streamline the workflow.

Consider this scenario - true, actually happened:
2) - (Anyone else with similar experiences?)

This past Sunday morning I decided last minute to add a song to our worship set. I had previously made a custom version of the song chart I wanted in our WT song library. So I opened Music Stand > 3 dots menu > Song Library > opened the song chart I wanted. Dropped down & changed the key. Ran through it, yes this is the one I want. All is good... UNTIL I wanted to use the song with my team (in this case, PRINT it out; in a digital teams' case, ADD it to service). CAN'T do either one.

So instead I have to:
- Open the Planning app.
- Create a new service.
- Wait - forgot to fill in the Service Type blank.
- Ok now, create service.
- Find the way to add a song... oh yes, it's not called 'add a song,' it's under the 'Order' tab.
- Now pick to add an item.
- Now select to add a song.
- Now pick the song I want & add it to the service.


- Now I have to go BACK to Music Stand app.
- Find the service & Open the service (which can take a little while if more than one song, I had just one this time).
- NOW I can finally access the 3 bars menu to choose to PRINT, (or if we were digital already, to use that digital chart on our tablets).

REALLY? Even allowing for slight unfamiliarity with Planning on my part, that is an absurd workflow. As an end user, a worship leader, and team leader - the immediate thought in my mind was, "It seems as if no one at WT is actually DOING the job I do, or sitting down with anyone who does." I'm sure not true, but just being completely honest here.

So... thank you for the recent update. Truly. I like the WT interface & integration, and want it to work for us. However we're going to need MORE to make this a viable solution, at least for our team. And I'll bet we're not alone.

(And for another day/post: We also need a bit more allowed in customizing Chord Pro charts such as additional non-chord characters, control of page breaks, etc. AND a simple way to back up our customized library).

Posted by Paul
September 11, 2023
You can print songs and add songs to services when you open a service from the Music Stand home screen.
Posted by WorshipTools
September 11, 2023
Worship Tools - Thanks for your reply but this entire post is about accessing songs thru Music Stand that are NOT part of a service.
Posted by Paul
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