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Custom Auto Advance Time

September 7, 2023
Currently the options to auto advance a slide, especially those that are videos, are great. But it would be better if we had the option to create a custom time instead of using the preset times in the dropdown box in the 'After' field. For example, there is a video we want to show our congregation on YouTube but at the end of the video it has a date that is in the past. It would be great to set the auto advance time to a custom time that I want to advance the video before it comes to that point in the video where the date shows to advance to our church logo.
Posted by The Hill
September 14, 2023
When you add the video to the service, you have the option to set In/Out points, or, in everyday English, the start and end times of the video. So, if your video is 9'42" long, and you want to miss off the last 10 seconds, just set the Out point to 9'32". You can do this either when you insert the video into the cue list or you can edit it from within the list.
Posted by Paul
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