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Using Community to create a Church Directory to circulate

November 16, 2023
I've been looking for a simple way to create a church 'directory' than can be printed as a PDF and circulated to those in the congregation who are happy to share their telephone numbers and addresses with publically. Wondering if Community might be useful in doing that? Obviously we'd need some sort of data protection 'opt in' field for those who have agreed to have their information shared. Does this seem a good idea, or am I using the wrong tool and better doing it seperately from Worship Tools?
Posted by Richard
November 25, 2023
You can export from the database to XLS or CSV - I haven't tried this myself but presume that would be a starting point to make a directory.

What would be nice would be a way to display the database directly as a live directory, so users could log in and flick through relevant info. but perhaps not the full data set.
Posted by Jared
January 3, 2024
Community definitely seems the tool for the job. You can create a Custom Field to mark members who are ok with sharing their data, and then create a quick filter by that field. Not only can you export you (filtered) list to CSV and XLS, but you can directly print it.
Posted by Carlos Eduardo
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