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Will WorshipTools support MIDI output soon?

August 17, 2023
So Presenter has had the ability to receive MIDI triggers for a while now, which is cool. Actions in external applications or controllers can trigger cues, such as slide changes or whatever. But what about the other way around? I'm looking for ways to make things extremely simple for volunteers and so I would like slide changes to trigger actions in other programs. For example, when a volunteer clicks on the "welcome" slide LightKey receives a trigger for the stage lights to change.

Lots of other programs support MIDI in and out and it would open up a lot of possibilities for us Tech Directors to streamline things for volunteers, especially those of us with smaller teams!
Posted by Colton
August 22, 2023
This would help our church out. It would cut down on the amount of work for Sunday mornings and also on the number of people required.
Posted by RD
September 17, 2023
I’ll second this we need midi output for lights etc.
Posted by RD
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