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Set media as forground

October 31, 2021
I am using the virtual display to send overlay graphics to our live stream. As such I am replacing all background elements with a solid color. This stops me from being able to set up slideshows with image backgrounds for a picture in picture type view.

To resolve this the ability to set media elements as a foreground (or override the background replacement for a cue) would be helpful.
Posted by Josh
November 2, 2021
As an alternative, what about applying a transformation to the media, so that you can reduce its size to, say a quarter of the screen, and moving it up to the top left or right of the screen. Then your live video would be visible on the rest of the screen. You would not need your solid colour background, as Presenter would handle it for you and give you a direct screen in screen effect.
I would love this, to be able to show PowerPoint slides during a talk and still be able to see the speaker. This is really necessary when you are streaming the service.
Posted by IT
November 5, 2023
There are other reasons to want to have media as a foreground. This would be a nice option to have.
Posted by Bethany
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