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Streaming Audio with Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and YouTube

May 15, 2023
Hello! Is there any way to stream audio via Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, or Tidal while playing slides?
Also, is there a way to play a video without audio and use a YouTube playlist to play in the background?
Posted by Phillip
July 19, 2023
Hello, was this ever answered? Our church has no pianist, and has to use music videos from You Tube or other program.
Posted by Jennifer
July 21, 2023
You cannot stream anything as a backdrop to your slides. But if you download the music beforehand, you can add one or more audio files as a playlist in the background background while the slides are scrolling. You also have the option of looping the playlist. I have used this option for funerals as the congregation gathers. The family will have provided a set of photos to make into a slide set and a favourite piece of music to play. Nowadays, this is typically a YouTube reference, which I download ready for use.
If you are playing the music, while the congregation is singing the words on the screen, obviously, there is no synchronisation. So, the operator will have to make sure the slides move forward to the next verse following the music.
Posted by Paul
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