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Is it possible to display additional overlays in lyric slides?

October 30, 2023
We'd like to display a verse (just book chapter and verse(s)) with the lyrics in Presenter. Is this possible?
Posted by Greg
November 18, 2023
Hi Greg,

Are you meaning having the chapter/verse reference be listed alongside scripture lyrics? This functionality is a built in option if you go to the scripture options in your cue edit page.
Posted by Webster
November 18, 2023
For instance, tomorrow morning we are doing “Behold the Lamb”. In the first verse there is a reference to Matthew 27:29. We’d like to have that maybe as a lower third or something like that for that slide.
Posted by Greg
November 27, 2023
The only ways to do a scripture verse on top of the song verse are: A) create slides of the song, and put the scripture verse on the appropriate slides, or B) use an "Alert" to overlay the scripture verse on whatever else is pulled up. The problem with B is that there is no formatting. It's just text with automatic line wraps.
Posted by Joshua
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