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Switch off dark mode

July 14, 2022
Can anyone tell me how I can switch to Light Mode in Presenter. My Mac is configured to be in Light Mode, but Presenter always changes to Dark Mode as it starts up.
Thank you.
Posted by Nigel
July 14, 2022
Presenter does not have a Light or Dark mode. The app is designed to be dark so that it's less distracting inside the sanctuary.
Posted by WorshipTools
July 15, 2022
Ok, thank you. Looking through update logs I see this is a relatively recent development as one used to be able to change to light mode. I understand the logic of your decision. (When we get our new blinds installed we won’t have sunlight directly in our screen, which will make a difference.) Thank you. Excellent suite of programs, by the way.
Posted by Nigel
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