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Can't import any media...

January 1, 2023
It will not let me import any media to Presenter... I have restarted it and it still doesn't work.
Posted by Jamya
January 2, 2023
What kind of media are you trying to import into Presenter? Are you importing them from your local computer?
Please send us an email at [email protected] with 1. a short screenrecording of what happens when you try to import and 2. a couple of the files that you're trying to import
Posted by WorshipTools
January 11, 2023
I'm having the same issue. --Andrew Demack
Posted by Andrew
January 22, 2023
We are having the same issue. We are hosting our first service and to weeks, and I cannot get a single media file imported. I was able to import some powerpoint media files, and then the next day..., nothing can be imported. Is there any insight into this issue?
Posted by Garden Church
January 24, 2023
The Apple Chip (m1 or m2) version of Presenter requires macOS 12 or greater. If you are using macOS 11, you must use the Intel version of Presenter.
Posted by Adam
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