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Line background opacity for lyric and scripture templates

February 18, 2023
We have our song lyrics set with a line background opacity set so that the lyrics stand out from the image displayed behind it. We have noticed that to get any noticeable effect the opacity needs to be set very high 70% or more and so it is difficult to fine tune the opacity. What you see live is actually quite different to what you see when setting up the template. We have also noticed that doing the same thing within the scripture template produces a very different effect for the same setting. It is quite difficult to get them to match for a consistent appearance without a great deal of trial and error.

Is this a bug, expected behaviour or could it be down to our setup?

We run presenter with the song lyrics/scripture over a green screen background. The output is then grabbed by OBS through a window capture with a chroma key filter allowing us to overlay the lyrics or scripture over the camera feeds/media backgrounds etc before sending to our live stream and in-house projectors.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Tim
March 3, 2023
Thanks for the post. Opacity can appear different depending on what you have behind it. Something that's 50% transparent in front of a black background will look different in front of a white background. If you still feel this is an error, please send over a video and screenshots of the issue to [email protected] and our team will take a look.
Posted by Adam
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