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Show verse number of current verse?

August 30, 2022
is it possible to show the verse number or slide numbers on a song?
So that the audience can see how many verses are sung one?

As for verse 1, for example, it would say that: '1/7' if the song has 7 slides!?
Posted by Johannes
September 2, 2022
Tongue in cheek comment - you obviously have not worked with the music group leader who wants to play/sing verse 1 5 times before singing the chorus twice, then moving on to verse 3, going back to verse 2 followed by several repeats of the chorus.

Less tongue in cheek, modern songs are often short with the expectation that they will be repeated in whole or in part. So putting the verse numbers up will not help the congregation know how far through they are. I had the same request initially from one of our organists, for the same reason. We settled on putting the copyright notice on the final slide of the song, so they know when to stop playing. You set this in the Options / Footer / Show Footer on "Last slide only"
Posted by Paul
September 5, 2022
We don't have a music group leader, so the congregation just sings what the slides show.
But putting the copyright notice on the last slide might be a helpfull solution for now. Thanks!

Nevertheless this would be a nice feature for the future...
Posted by Johannes
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