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Easier Lyric Sequencing?

September 3, 2022
When I go to add in a new song, I'm surprised that there is not a way to just enter in a basic list of the components of that particular song (Verse 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, Chorus, Bridge) and then have those as fillable boxes when I enter the lyrics into the various sections. The key here would be having the song components as "clickable" options to be able to just click "add item," and select "chorus" for example. Currently, I don't see any way to add another chorus into the sequence other than just adding a new item, then naming it "chorus" AGAIN, then copying and pasting the lyrics into this identical chorus that already occurred earlier in the song.

To put it simply, I'd love to be able to go, "okay, so I'm adding "It Is Well" to my songs today. I'll go ahead and lay out what the sequence will be (V1, Ch, V2, Ch, V3, Ch, V4, Ch, Ch). Alright, now that the sequence is laid out in front of me, I will just add the particular lyric sections that I want into each of those. Oh wait! I wanted to have another chorus somewhere in there. Click "add item," select "Chorus," and there it is, already matching the other chorus slide that I originally made."

The current system, where it is just this long, scrolling thing on the right side of my song editor, where I have to manually duplicate things that need to be repeated, and with no master editor where I can rearrange the song without having to drag individual slides for a mile up and down the screen, is just feeling slightly half-baked. Am I missing something? Is this already possible and I'm just dumb? Lol, thanks!
Posted by Adam
September 5, 2022
As it happens, you are missing something. Have a look at this tutorial video -

Essentially, you put each element of the song into the editor, then you use the Customer Order tool to put in all the repeats that you need.

If you are not too sure where the breaks in the verses go, to split the verse across multiple screens, have a look at this video - It is by no means perfect; I often have to adjust the verse breaks so they make more sense musically. But it is a good start.
Posted by Paul
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