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Download previously uploaded media

March 8, 2022
Is it possible to download media that was previously uploaded? Sometimes Presenter is the quickest place to find PowerPoint presentations or announcement slides and being able to download and edit them for a new service would be very handy.
Posted by Wayne
March 9, 2022
Hi Wayne, at this time, downloading files from Presenter are not supported
Posted by WorshipTools
March 10, 2022
One of the major problems of editing a powerpoint which is already in the media database, and then re-submitting it to the database, is that you can finish up with files having the same name but different contents. It is not always practicable to delete the old file from the media database before adding the new version, especially when it has already been added as a cue in a service.
This is an enhancement that it urgently needed. It has been requested several times in the forum.
Posted by Paul
May 4, 2022
The files are downloaded from Presenter cloud to a temp file location on the local computer. This can be done if you look up the file under media, select options/preview-info and go to the local path. If you clock on the local path it will take you to the file. You can then open and edit the file in PowerPoint; save and re-upload to Presenter, then select cue, edit cue, and change presentation to the new file. The file will be duplicated but usually the size will be different due to the editing.

I use this if there is a change Sunday morning since I usually prepare from home. I posted this answer on a previous thread.
Posted by John
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