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No Song Library?

June 16, 2022
When using the Music Stand app I click on the the 3 dots in the top RT corner of the screen and select "Song Library".

This brings me to a page where the titles of songs that I have put in service plans appear but the song itself does not open, just a blank "Edit Song" page comes up which will then let me edit the song in ChordPro. To access the chord sheet one has to go into a service plan where that song exists and select the song there otherwise they can't view the chord sheet.

I want to have a library where any of the people attached to our team can go and pull up our sheet music and use it for practising on their own time even if it's not a song that it assigned to a particular service.

Also, in Song Library the search feature does not connect to CCLI to import sheets, just the songs that have been used in services.

Am I doing something wrong?
Posted by Matthew
June 16, 2022
Music Stand will only allow you to view songs in the context of a service. There is not a way to view and manage the overall song library in that particular app. You can instruct your team to use the Planning app - anyone with View All, View and Edit, and Admin permission levels will be able to see the "Songs" page. Some churches have also worked around this by creating a Music Stand service with a date in the far future (e.g sometime in 2025) and turning it into a master list of songs.
Posted by WorshipTools
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