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Wasted space in 2-column view?

January 3, 2023
Hello, been using Worship Tools, Planning, and Music Stand for some time. I like that we can edit songs in ChordPro in the Planning app as well as directly in Music Stand.
A repeated "glitch" is the wasted space in 2-column view. It behaves like there is a column-break and routinely kicks a single verse/bridge/outro to a second page when there is clearly enough room on the first page.
Is this a glitch? Is there some deep setting I can't find with some kind of defaults that split columns up in an unneeded fashion? Is there some code in the background of ChordPro files that causes this?
I have been unable to find a solution.
In some cases, switching to single-column will fix the issue (with a little ChorPro editing) but that's not the case with long/wordy songs in which two-column would be best.
Anyone found a solution? Or is this being worked on?
Posted by Tanner
January 10, 2023
If you're editing songs in ChrodPro, then you may have already attempted this, but there is a code in ChordPro that many songs have be default that looks like this: {Column_Break}. If you delete that code, it will get rid of the white space but will split the verse between the two columns.
Posted by Connor
January 10, 2023
Thank you, yes I've deleted the column break code.
In one song I recently worked on, 2-column-view put Vs1 and Chorus in the first column, then Vs2 and Vs3 are moved to the second column and the Bridge on a second page. But each column was barely half-page long, plenty of room to put Vs2 after the Chorus in the first column and the Bridge would then easily fit after Vs3, all on one page.
Maybe that better explains the issue I'm seeing.
I can't find any other codes unless there's some built-in limitation in 2-column view, like, "only two sections allowed per column" or something like that...
Posted by Tanner
March 25, 2023
I have exactly the same issue. Part of the reason for using two columns is to get everything onto a single page. It makes it a bit pointless if a second page is created without fully exhausting the space on the first. Does anyone perhaps know the ChordPro directive for decreasing the font globally?
Posted by TJ
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