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Media Items in Cue not showing accept where created.

May 17, 2023
I just started trying out Presenter and I have it set up on 2 PC's. I turned off the syncing of media items, due to us having more than what the free option gives.

I do however have all of our media items local on each PC and imported into the Media Library. I was testing out how the creation of a cue on one PC was to another and I noticed that even with both PC's having the same media locally, the cue did not pull the images and backgrounds into the cue of the PC that did not originally create it.

Does images and backgrounds in a cue have to be synced to the cloud to show up on another PC? I figured that it would be able to find the same piece of media from the library without a sync...
Posted by Elisha
May 18, 2023
You will want to go into the Media Library and turn on sync for the files you need synced. You can do this by clicking the "i" icon that appears when you hover over a specific item. You can also do this in bulk by switching the Media Library to List View (to the right of the "Import Media" button).
Posted by WorshipTools
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